Slavery Disclosure Enforcement: Philadelphia’s Slavery Disclosure Law and Legal Standing at UPenn Law School

“Slavery Disclosure Enforcement: Philadelphia’s Slavery Disclosure Law and Legal Standing” at UPenn Law School Ari Merretazon, Northeast Region Mid Atlantic Coordinator

Recently, I was invited by the University of Pennsylvania thanks to the leadership of N’COBRA, Our National Male Co-Chair Kamm Howard and our Northeast Representative Woullard Lett to be a panelist for the 36th Annual Edward V. Sparrer Symposium at the University of Pennsylvania Law School. After interacting with the Symposium’s student coordinator, he decided to use “Reparations Now” as the theme. I’m wondering why? LOL.

As a panelist, I will discuss Philadelphia’s “Slavery Era Business/Corporate Insurance Disclosure law that the N’COBRA Philadelphia advocated for and was successful in getting the law passed as “Philadelphia City Ordinance 171-104(2) in 2005. We were clear that we wanted a direct reparations outcome in the law, and we got it: “if it has disclosed, under this subsection, slavery polices it, or its predecessor has received, provide the city with a statement of financial reparations.” (171-104 Section 2.) Our continued efforts are the enforcement of the law, and this is the desired outcome of my presentation.

The Symposium’s intent and goal is “to focus on the legal case for reparations and to explore the necessity and feasibility of reparations as a legal remedy for past harms with enduring consequences.” Because of this frame, I will fill it and link it with my project called “DAEUS: The Identifier and Unifier to Over Come Legal Standing.” As many of you know, legal standing to sue continues to be problematic for Reparationists’ access to the courts. My project in collaboration with Professor of Law Emerita Vernellia Randall (see over the last two years is to show and prove our agency, status, and legal standing in the United States. You all don’t want to miss this! So, make your way to Philly on January 19, 2018, to the University of Pennsylvania Law School.

It’s about our mother’s mothers’ mothers and our fathers’ fathers’ fathers.

Brother Ari Merretazon and the Philadelphia NCOBRA chapter will present on Friday, Jan 19, 2018, 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM, Panel 1. Please share with Reparationists & Supporters!

Click Here for More information on the Reparations Symposium

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