GUILTY! University of Chicago’s roots in “crime against humanity.”

N’COBRA male co-chair, Kamm Howard, was a presenter at a University of Chicago (UC) reparations demonstration and rally, in October 2017, inspired by research conducted by 4 graduate students in the history department. Their investigation of events and interrogation of history around the original land on which the university was built unveiled its connection to notorious proponent and beneficiary of African chattel slavery, enslaver Stephen Douglas of the Lincoln-Douglass Debate.

Bro. Howard, also hosted a meeting between the Reparations at UChicago Working Group (RAUC); Atty Stan Willis; National Conference of Black Lawyers (NCBL), Chair, Vickie Cassanova; and others after the event. The Chicago chapter of N’COBRA prepared an open letter to UC students, staff, trustees and administrators, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Former President and First Lady Barack and Michelle Obama (both former employees of the University). They are calling on the university to move beyond admission and contrition to community participation in the development and enforcement of measures to repair the damage caused by African chattel slavery. The poison fruit (donation of land) from the poison tree (ill-gotten gains from African chattel slavery) is poison. The African chattel slavery system was declared a crime against humanity with no statute of limitations by the United Nations World Conference against Racism in 2001.

We charge that the University of Chicago stands guilty.

Here is a link to an article covering the events and quoting N’COBRA male co-chair, Howard at the end. justice-rally/

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